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Groupe Daher

As a recognised equipment supplier, DAHER in involved in the entire manufacturing cycle for all of its products, from design and development, through to testing, qualification and production.



These products are aimed at the following sectors: Aerospace, Defence, Nuclear, Telecommunications and Space.



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DAHER designs and produces a wide range of standard containers manufactured using a number of different techniques: Laminated polyester, Aluminium, Rotationally Moulded Polyethylene, Polyethylene 19-inch Rack, Laminated Wood, Thermoformed Plastic, Injected Plastic Casing.

Defence sector: containers for missiles, fixed-wind aircraft and helicopter engines, etc.

Space sector: containers for satellites, satellites components and launcher subsets, etc.

Nuclear sector: containers for unused fuels, irradiated fuels and low-level waste (LLW) and very low-level waste (VLLW), etc.

DAHER enjoys a position as European leader in the design and production of mobile technical shelters for the military. These shelters cover all types of use: transmission centres, HQ, hospitals, infirmaries, control towers, etc.

DAHER has also recently developed a new "Large-Dimension Multipurpose Mobile Station" (LDMMS), which provides 76 square metres of usable floor space.

DAHER specialises in the design and production of fluid distribution systems for Air, Fuel, Water, Hydraulic and Oxygen networks.

DAHER is a specialist in the transport of chemicals, in particular in container tanks. DAHER designs and manufactures a range of structural units for aircraft and helicopters.

DAHER designs and manufactures utility equipment capable of fulfilling all storage, transport, materials handling, installation (fitting and removal) and maintenance functions.

For the nuclear sector, DAHER specialises in the transport of class-7 products.


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