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batteries dryfit

Thanks to its world-renowned technology in Dryfit batteries (gelled), SONNENSHEIN has provided a solution to many of the problems posed in military applications. 

Sealed, rechargeable (gelled) and totally maintenance-free Dryfit batteries are manufactured according to the specifications of NATO and German military standard VG 96924: "sealed lead batteries". 

They are totally suitable for use as starter and power supply batteries for tracked vehicles, as well as for frigates. 20 years of experience and optimisation with the German army and other armed members of NATO have demonstrated their capabilities. 

Dryfit batteries offer the following advantages:



Traction batteries are basically 2-volt cells assembled according to various combinations and dimensions to supply capacities ranging from 30 Ah to 1500 Ah.

Separate to its specialisation in the conventional technology of lead batteries based on an advanced tubular design of positive plate cells, Exide Technologies also offers other battery technologies to meet the ever-changing requirements of the electric traction market.


These include maintenance-free monobloc batteries incorporating gelled electrolyte technology and copper stretched metal (CSM) technology for optimum high-performance applications.  


The materials handling sector is the largest market for traction batteries equipping forklift trucks, electric counterweight trucks, pallet-pullers, low-level pickers, turret trucks, towing tractors, cherrypickers and VNA trucks (for very narrow aisles). This sector alone represents approximately 60% of the European sales of Exide Technologies traction batteries. 



The other segments of the market using traction products are: washers/dryers and power sweepers on the floor-cleaning market, moving walkways, access platforms and telescopic platforms on the access market, buggies and carts on the golf market and mobility equipment on the wheelchair market.


Without forgetting, of course, that traction batteries are also used all over the world for mine locomotives, electric road vehicles, boats with electric motors and even submarines.

In addition to its wide range of traction batteries, Exide also has an extensive array of battery chargers, filling and maintenance equipment and battery transfer equipment. Combined with the company’s technological expertise and service, the Motive Power division of Exide Technologies is well placed globally to provide comprehensive solutions on the electric traction market.


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